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Don't Get Scammed By Fake Mattress Review sites Bought And Paid For By Shady Online Retailers

Welcome to the web's original mattress review guide! We narrow down hundreds of options to a carefully curated list of bedding retailers that we love, backed by 25 years of in the trenches mattress industry experience. We're not a couple of guys with a laptop making vague observations about beds. TheMattressBuyerGuide.Com was the first "down and dirty" site that pulled back the curtain on the bedding industry. Originally created to help folks get the best education you can find before you start hunting for beds, this site was on the web long before the flurry of so-called "review sites" that clutter your mattress shopping search results. Our site was started by two industry CEO's who spent over 25 years designing, testing, manufacturing, and selling their own beds on several e-commerce sites long before today's "bed in a box" companies took our lead. 

Hey, if you landed here, you've probably already tried to navigate through the maze of so-called review sites to try to find that perfect bed. But beware- Virtually all of these popular "review sites" are owned and operated by people with zero industry experience, zero background in components and materials, and zero background in mattress engineering and construction. Their reviews are what we call "soft reviews" and typically offer little information about the important details- like how long your new mattress will last, or why you might need a certain level of density in your mattress because of shoulder pain, and on and on. Even worse. most of these so-called review sites are often owned or controlled by the mattress companies whose products they are reviewing, turning honest, third party, objective reviews into nothing more than fiction. Millions have been made by these mattress review web site owners, and millions more by big companies paying for five star reviews that are completely fake..that's right, the bulk of reviews you read on most online bedding retailers and these review sites have probably been tampered with. Want to get right to it and find a dealer you can trust? Check out our Trusted Dealers page, which offers a portfolio of companies we recommend, after careful review and evaluation by our team, comprising 25 years of bedding industry experience. Get the deal you want on a bed that won't leave you second guessing your purchase. 


Our site does not review every single mattress out there, but rather, offers only a select number of bedding options for you to consider. Our carefully vetted short list of bedding retailers must survive our gauntlet of experts and industry experience that no other "mattress review site" can offer.  Operated by industry veterans mattress company CEO's, and not a couple of former baristas with a laptop, we recommend only a handful of companies that we believe offer a great mattress delivering unparalleled comfort and support, solid value for what you are buying, a fantastic return policy and warranty, and a trustworthy experience. We also review mattress categories and focus on educating future customers about the myriad of mattress options currently in the marketplace, and offers the essential bullet points for smart mattress shopping.

We give practical advice on mattress design, teach you how to avoid being scammed, and give you the tools you need to make a logical decision that you won't regret. Almost 90% of the retailers on the internet today are companies less than five years old. You can buy a decent mattress almost anywhere for a few hundred dollars these days, and the bedding industry has quickly become a commodity business not always focused on customer well being and care. 

To help you weed out the retailers we believe should steer clear of, we've created an elite portfolio of about 40 recommended dealers that we have thoroughly vetted by using a highly selective process of scoring and rating. Our MBG Rating System ranks only the finest online mattress retailers by scoring them using our proprietary algorithm. We've waded through all of the nonsense, so you don't have to! 

We are a kind of safe haven for consumers, but we also showcase many of the most popular bedding companies on our site, making it easy for you to start shopping and get your bed. Though we don't disclose our opinions, you can learn about various kinds of mattress options, and we showcase only companies we believe offer top quality bedding at reasonable prices. We'll give you third party, independent advice based on 25 years of hardened industry experience, from mattress engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and retailing, offering you a good academic sensibility about what you are searching for. Bottom line, you're not going to get misled or scammed here. We do provide links to retailers who we believe offer a quality product at a reasonable price for the convenience of our readers.


 Mattress Reports provides an unparalleled amount of knowledge to assist you in purchasing a new mattress

Mattress Reports provides an unparalleled amount of knowledge to assist you in purchasing a new mattress

mattress reviews written by industry ceo's and bedding designers- not two guys and a laptop...

Our team of mattress review experts have over 25 years of experience in mattress engineering, materials, manufacturing, and marketing. One columnist has owned several furniture and bedding store chains, and pioneered the pure latex mattress e-commerce market with one of the first online bedding retailers as far back as 1998. Another is an expert in synthetic and natural foam and fiber, coil components, air bed systems, and particularly the so-called "hybrid" mattresses commonly found on the web's most popular sites. His first hand knowledge of classic industry selling techniques and scams pulls back the curtain on an industry often shrouded in misinformation and sleight of hand. This web features academic content for the purposes of educating consumers shopping for mattresses and also offers ads and links to other web sites offering products that meet the standards we require to be included in our hand selected portfolio of recommended companies. We also produce informative video content, too, that protects consumers by educating them about mattress scams.

bedding reviews by a team of writers who've earned their place in the mattress industry..

This web site, and our partner site,, were originally founded in 2007, long before today's "mattress review" sites began crowding the internet. We began our mission of providing education and knowledge to make mattress shopping less of a horror, and more of an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, these days when you search for "mattress reviews", many of the sites you'll land on are owned or financially influenced by big mattress manufacturers. A lot of cash changes hands to get these co-called "mattress review" scam operations to favor certain mattress choices over legitimate options. You'll even see legal disclosures at the top of many sites that are court orders for these fake review sites to disclose their fishy goings on with the big retailers. Our site, though we do receive a small affiliate fee when you click on our links to mattress retailers, focuses on providing you with solid academic information about mattress design and construction, and limiting your options from 100 nebulous choices to just a handful. 

You'll get unfiltered, solid information that will give you the knowledge you need to get the best deal on a quality mattress. We're the only mattress review site run by industry professionals, not a couple of guys with a laptop plopping bowling balls onto beds to attempt to demonstrate "how the mattress will feel". We won't insult your intelligence. We'll give you the facts, not fake reviews. Our founder and principal reviewer and editor is an industry icon, a components expert, a marketing and merchandising master, and knows every single bit of trickery and witchcraft the mattress industry uses to deceive you. The bedding industry is one of the most competitive product categories in the world today, and our site will keep you from making a "$2,000 mistake".

we'll show you why Mattress stores make price comparisons unnecessarily difficult

One thing that our team loves to write about is that the mattress industry hates consumers to be doing any kind of comparison shopping. To discourage it, some mattress manufacturers will give the same mattress different names in different stores. You can read all about this popular deceitful practice on our Scams And Tricks page.

Fortunately, this kind of trickery isn't too hard to overcome. We explain this very well. Often you'll be able to find charts online that tell you exactly which mattress models are equivalent. Otherwise, you should be able to figure it out by comparing features. But do you really want to run a marathon when shopping for a mattress? We encourage you to be brave, and to your brick-and-mortar store sales person for even the most dense and technical questions you can challenge them with, and then find prices for similar mattresses from online retailers. Often, being pushy with a lot of detailed questions will get you added discounts, coupons, and freebies like pillows and sheets, thrown into your deal. If you're online, get involved with a chat agent to answer detailed questions. If they cannot provide answers, it's best to move on to another web site.

We'll teach you about trial periods and what makes a good return policy

One thing that makes mattress shopping hard is that there's no fast, foolproof way to tell if a particular mattress is going to be comfortable. The only way to be sure is to spend a lot of time on it.  Experts recommend setting aside several hours for mattress shopping. Bring a book to the mattress store and spend about 15 minutes lying on each bed. If you're shopping online, make sure you buy from a site that offers a no-cost return policy and at least a 90 day no questions asked trial period.

 Scams are widespread in the mattress marketplace and we teach you how to identify them.

Scams are widespread in the mattress marketplace and we teach you how to identify them.

Secrets and scams reveal the underbelly of the mattress industry..and it isn't pretty.

We'll lay out the most popular mattress scams used to prey upon consumers. Mattress shopping is intentionally highly complex by design, and although the industry is becoming streamlined and easier to navigate, many companies still employ the classic tricks of the trade that are as old as time. Once armed with this knowledge, whether you're shopping brick and mortar or online, we'll have you ready for battle in no time. We also recommend visiting another great site, which pulls back the curtain on fake review sites, artificial rankings and rating, and fictitious information about bedding companies called MattressReports.Com  

Learn about fake mattress review sites, and how these sites are secretly owned by mattress companies that cut shady deals to get your business. You'll read about how incredibly inexpensive it is to build a foam mattress and using trickery and some marketing gimmicks, coax you to "upgrade"  to the bed with the mint green foam layer that costs just a mere $300, and promises you a sleep experience nothing short of levitation. In reality, the manufacturer simply swapped out different color foam layers to create multiple models..the classic good, better, best scheme. From creative names that remind us of cartoon characters and whimsical fairy tales to testimonials that simply sound too good to be true, the mattress industry is busy grooming the unknowing consumer with practices that can best be described as witchcraft. We'll educate you and arm with you with solid information so you'll be an intelligent customer. Best of all, we'll share with you a handful of carefully vetted and trusted dealers that we have meticulously evaluated so that you can be sure you're getting a quality mattress at a fair price, backed up with a solid warranty. After all, our team is a comprised of former mattress industry CEO's who know all of the tricks. Don't get scammed. Be smart.


fake reviews? We pull back the curtain on Bedding Industry Trickery and Scams

 Read an article below by Timothy B. Lee, one of our favorite writers, at, revealing just how confusing the bedding industry can be.

Read an article below by Timothy B. Lee, one of our favorite writers, at, revealing just how confusing the bedding industry can be.

At Walmart, Kohls, Home Depot, or Whole Foods, the listed price on any item is usually what you pay. You might be able to get a discount with a coupon, but asking store employees for a discount simply won't work.

But not every industry works like this. The reality is that haggling is common in expensive industries, like car and jewelry sales. Because customers don't participate in these markets very often, there's less incentive to win customer loyalty with fair and transparent pricing, and more opportunities to dupe unsophisticated buyers into overpaying.

Or take the mattress industry. It's notorious for inflated prices, confusing branding, and gimmicks that trick consumers into overpaying.

Yet underpaying for a mattress can also be a big problem. After all, most people spend about eight hours per day — that's a third of their life — sleeping. And a good mattress will last a decade or more. So it's worth investing in a mattress that will help you wake up well rested every morning. So how do you buy a mattress that will help you get a good night's sleep without getting ripped off? Read on for details.

Knowledge is power

Mattress salespeople's power comes from the fact that they know what a fair price is for each mattress and you don't. Many mattress stores invent hugely inflated "standard" retail prices and then offer "discounts" that still price the mattress way above its actual cost. Department stores are particularly notorious for this.

For example, a price tag might claim that a mattress normally costs $3,000 but is currently available for 60 percent off at $1,200. In reality, no one ever pays $3,000; $1,200 is the regular price. And if you negotiate effectively, you'll be able to get it for hundreds of dollars less.

As with any negotiation, the key to getting a better deal is to demonstrate that you know the product's real value and won't pay more. The easiest way to do that is by playing brick-and-mortar stores against online ones.

Once you find a mattress you like at a brick-and-mortar mattress store, use your favorite search engine to find the lowest price for that same mattress from an internet retailer. If you have a smartphone, you might be able to do this right in the store, though it might make sense to go home, do your research on a PC, and then go back to the store.

Once you know the best price offered by competitors, ask the salesperson to beat it. He or she might say no, in which case you can go to another store or just order online. But most stores will agree to match the price.




But even a leisurely in-store evaluation period won't guarantee that it will be comfortable for a full night's sleep. So you want to make sure that you can return a mattress if it proves less comfortable in your bedroom than it seemed in the store.

Stores' return policies differ dramatically. Many charge hefty fees. Some charge as much as half the price of the original mattress to swap it out for a new one. So before you agree to buy a mattress, make sure you understand its return policy.

Totally free returns are fairly rare, because it costs money to send a truck to retrieve the old mattress and bring a new one. But if a company charges high fees for returning a mattress, that's a reason to call around to see if another store will offer a more generous return policy.

Mattresses also come with separate warranties provided by the manufacturer. These generally range from 5 to 20 years. Longer warranties may be a sign of quality, but don't put too much stock into warranties longer than 10 years, since it's a good practice to replace your mattress after a decade of use.

Consider buying a "bed in a box"

We don't think of the mattress industry as a hotbed of innovation, but the last two years have seen the emergence of a new generation of direct-to-customer mattress companies. These companies are all based on the same basic idea: they sell mattresses made of foam that can be compressed enough to fit in a box the size of a dorm fridge. That lowers shipping costs and makes it easier to get the bed into tight spaces. Once removed from the box, the mattress expands to its full size.

You might think a mattress that expands from a box wouldn't be very comfortable, but reviews so far have been generally positive. These mattresses use materials similar to those found in high-end memory foam beds that can cost thousands of dollars through conventional retail channels.

The big downside with online bed in a box companies is a limited selection. Each company typically sells just one model (though it's available in a variety of sizes). These  companies have targeted the middle of the firmness scale. That means if you prefer a mattress that is particularly firm, or particularly soft, these products won't be a good option.

Also, some people find conventional coil mattresses more comfortable than high-tech memory foam ones. These mattresses do not come in a box the way foam mattresses do, though there is at least one online-only retailer that sells them.