The Frankly Mattress- An Outstanding Memory Foam Mattress That Delivers Cool, Supportive, And Sumptuous Comfort For A Third The Price Of Leading Brands

Shopping for a memory foam mattress that delivers on performance and price? I’m Marc Anderson and I was one of the first online retailers of memory foam beds, beginning in 2007. That’s a full 7 years before Casper, Tuft&Needle, Loom&Leaf, Lull, and other brands were even invented.

In those days, mattress inventors and engineers like myself focused on quality, because the few of us that were out there were trying to imitate a Tempur-Pedic memory foam bed, something very difficult to do.

So, we used higher density memory foam and really good support foam, the big block underneath the topmost comfort layers in the bed. We used organic fabrics, but the supply was limited, and the technical fabrics that sleep cooler on many mattresses made today were not available as of yet.

I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of my personally designed beds, and since I’m well known in the industry, many designers ask me to help them create all kinds of mattresses. And, many people come to this web site to find beds that I recommend using our carefully selective and very particular vetting process. 

In fact, out of 450 mattress companies that are established online and sell direct to consumers, we only recommend a handful of these beds. Like, around 40. So, what is so great about the Frankly memory foam mattress and why do I pitch it and urge customers to try one?

The Frankly Memory Foam Mattress- Super Comfort, Huge Durability, All For A Fourth Of The Cost Of Big Name Brands

It’s truly one of the most simplistic designs I’ve seen, and from the top down, it’s effectively designed to support you without your body molding up around you like the Han Solo Carbonite Slab thing, yet it gently relieves pressure by distributing your weight sideways instead of down. The top piece of memory foam in the Frankly mattress is two inches thick, not four of five, which is the critical mistake manufacturers make when designing a comfortable memory foam mattress.

The Frankly Memory Foam Mattress is recommended by Marc Anderson, A bedding industry CEO with 25 years of mattress engineering experience.

The Frankly Memory Foam Mattress is recommended by Marc Anderson, A bedding industry CEO with 25 years of mattress engineering experience.

Downward pressure increases pinpoint pain, collects heat, and does not give you the buoyant and uplifting sensation you get with thicker pieces of memory foam. Imagine spreading pizza dough outwardly, to the edge of the pan. That’s exactly what the Frankly mattress does.

Immediately under the memory foam layer, the Frankly offers what’s called an “adaptive foam layer”. I invented several beds using these transitional layers, which further help with load distribution, especially on hips, shoulders, and anywhere you body will push down, creating those pressure hotspots. This layer is only 1” thick, offering just the right depth so that you melt into the foundation or base layer beneath.

The supportive or base layer of the Frankly mattress is 8” thick, providing plenty of support, even while sitting on the edge of your bed and certainly while sleeping on your side. Here’s the company’s simple schematic which shows you the straightforward construction of their memory foam mattress

Frankly layers.jpg

One thing that I should mention is that all of the foam materials used in the Frankly mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified foams. These foams meet the CertiPUR-US® laboratory standards for content, emissions, and durability, and have been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. Usually you would expect to pay a lot more for these foam layers. 

Incidentally, here’s a deal that gives you 0% financing for a year, and you’ll save $200 on their web site, as well. This is my own custom deal with Frankly, so take advantage of it!

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You can buy a queen Frankly mattress for $695, literally half of most online competitors, and even up to 75% off of the big kahuna brands, where you are paying merely for the brand name.

Larger folks do well with the Frankly bed because it is a bit firmer than most memory foam mattresses, and there is little or no bottoming out, a real problem in mattress design, and durability down the road.

Overall, the Frankly mattress is masterfully designed to have a finished height of 12”, not excessively tall, and perfect for easy transfer in and out of your bed.


Regardless of your age or medical situation, having a mattress that is designed properly so that getting in and out of bed is smooth and simple, is a big part of a well designed mattress.

The exterior covering which is installed on the Frankly is well thought out, made using a highly breathable blended covering that can even be removed and washed, thanks to the zipper that runs the perimeter of the mattress. 

And, it’s not quilted and allows you to be in direct contact with the memory foam beneath, instead of piling on a lot of fluff that inevitably bottoms out and mashes down.

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A removable cover is something I always integrated into my designs. Mattresses collect millions of dust mite casings and dust mite feces, and without this feature, it is impossible to get rid of them. A washable outer cover is an essential element of a well made mattress.

The Frankly Memory Foam Mattress incorporates a zipper so that you can remove the outer cover to wash and dry.

The Frankly Memory Foam Mattress incorporates a zipper so that you can remove the outer cover to wash and dry.

Although I recommend using a mattress protector too, having a removable outer cover on your mattress as well, increases the lifespan of the bed and if you damage your cover with a small spill or stain, it can save you the cost of an entire replacement mattress!

Fast Delivery, Easy Return Policy, 60 Day Trial, 10 Year Warranty, Free Shipping

The Frankly memory foam mattress is not only well crafted in my opinion, but the shopping experience and the back end experience is excellent. After placing your order, you can expect to receive your Frankly Mattress within 5 days, pretty fast in my opinion. Shipping is totally free, and, if you don’t like it, you can give the company a call, even after 59 nights, and they’ll take it away, for free. No nonsense.

The warranty is solid too, a 10 year, full replacement warranty with no pro-rated nonsense, and oddly, the warranty will cover you on a visible indentation in the memory foam of only 1”, with is literally unheard of in the memory foam world. To quote the Frankly mattress warranty directly from their web site:  “Break down in the memory foam that results in a visible indentation greater than one (1) inch that is the result of a failure of either materials or workmanship…”

I’ve created a lot of warranties and to offer this guarantee for what you are paying shows that the company is very confident in the product line, and their return rate must be fairly low, all across the board.

Of course, before I get too crazy about recommending a mattress, I scour the web for reviews and comments offered by real time users. The Frankly Mattress seems to have owners with a strong sense of loyalty- take a look at some of the comments I found.

Strong reviews by Frankly mattress owners

Matthew L. writes about his experience with back to back mattress purchases before he was pleased with his Frankly mattress:

“I have waited close to 2 months to review this mattress, to avoid prematurely declaring it a great buy. 60 days later, I can say with certainty that this is the best mattress I have ever owned. I am 6’2’’, 240 lbs and strictly a back Sleeper. Previous mattresses prior to purchasing Frankly mattress was Tuft & Needle that felt amazing in the beginning but started to cause lower back issues within few nights sleep. The one before T&N was a Sleep Number which also gave me lot of grief.”

Janet W. writes:

“Exceptional mattress for the money. Very well made and comfortable. My husband doesn’t snore as bad and we wake up fresh.”

Kelly A. writes:

"First off, installation is a breeze!! Would recommend assistance moving the box, as king size weighed roughly 90lbs. After years of sleeping on the traditional spring mattress type, my back would always be sore waking up. This mattress was a game changer. Been sleeping on it for about a month and it’s made a world of difference. Just can’t say enough good things.”

Pretty heartfelt reviews written by real owners, too. Like I said earlier, I’m not a fan of most memory foam beds out there. Even on my Trusted Dealer age, you’ll see that I review and recommend only a handful of memory foam mattresses. Take a chance and try a Frankly Memory Foam Mattress. For the price, I don’t think you can beat their deal. And right now, you get $200 right off the top. Let me know what you think of yours! Email me at


Marc Anderson, The Mattress Buyer Guide CEO and Senior Editor 

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