A Bedding Industry CEO And Veteran Pulls Back The Curtain On Mattress Scams And Fake Mattress Reviews - And We're Looking For Partners...But You've Got To Cut The Mustard For Our Readers

Our editor in chief and resident industry expert, a former bedding CEO and 25 year veteran of the bedding business has invented, manufactured, marketed, and sold almost every conceivable kind of mattress out there. He's worked in the trenches, handpicking the ingredients and sleep testing beds myself, lugging them home, to insure that his customers always got the best and got it at the right price. He started out with a small retail store in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside of D.C. Here's a picture of his very first retail location.

 The very first retail mattress store owned by bedding industry CEO Marc Anderson, a leading expert in mattress design and marketing, Alexandria, Virginia.

The very first retail mattress store owned by bedding industry CEO Marc Anderson, a leading expert in mattress design and marketing, Alexandria, Virginia.

He quickly grew one store into several, and in 1998 was one of the first bedding retailers on the web. By 2007, he was the CEO of one of the three largest online mattress stores, with annual sales in the millions. In fact, along with a small handful of courageous online retailers, he helped pioneer the bed in a box concept almost 20 years ago, long before the owners of today's popular foam mattress web sites were even out of high school. Our experts knows every single scam, trick, and bit of witchcraft that's in the business.  These days, it's tempting and very easy to find and buy a $500 mattress that looks great, feels wonderful, and delivers a rock star level of hype. Unfortunately, many beds sold out there today are what insiders call "limited lifespan commodities", in other words, a mattress designed to last just beyond the warranty- or even worse- just beyond the trial period allowing you to return it for your money back.

A few years ago, the mattress industry exploded. Dozens of startup companies crashed the conventional bedding business by creating an entirely new breed of bed, almost all of which use cutting edge ingredients and razor sharp marketing and advertising. How many mattress commercials do you see every day pitching you the world's best bed? Hundreds of options to choose from, all with the same pitch, and what appears to be the identical mattress, or at least close.

We've got a simple mission. Scour through hundreds upon hundreds of online retailers and whittling your list down to a handful of really great options. Our recommended dealers are hand selected by me as well as our team of editors and mattress experts with great care and a lot of arguing and debate.  We offer a limited amount of positioning and links for our readers to help find the best mattress they can buy online. We turn down about 80% of companies who solicit us for positioning on our site, primarily to make things easy for our readers. Most of them simply don't meet our rigorous standards.

We are the oldest and most established mattress buyer guide site on the internet, originally established in 2007, which is one of the reasons we are widely respected in the business, in almost every category. This site receives more hits by potential mattress buyers than almost all of the conventional so-called "review sites" combined, on a day to day basis. Why?  Because we can present an honest, unbiased, and academic approach to bedding options that put all of the sites you will find on our pages on the same level playing field. And with 25 years of mattress industry experience, you'll find nothing but rich information on our Where To Buy page that tells you not only why you might want to choose a particular mattress, but what's inside of them and what to look for when shopping for a bed. You'll be taught a lot if you read our content, and will probably have a host of questions to ask either in an online chat, or to a sales person in a retail store. Bottom line, you'll won't be second guessing yourself after your purchase. Here, you'll get just the facts, no fake mattress reviews, no payoffs from mattress companies.

If you own an e-commerce mattress business, we invite you to get in touch with us to see if you meet the grade. We provide the best positioning available to connect you with our highly educated and premium consumer demographic. Our job is to connect our readers with the best bedding stores in the industry. See if you can be included in our outstanding portfolio of vetted retailers. You may contact us using the form below.

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