We Review And Select Bedding Dealers That Meet The Demands Of Even The Fussiest Of Mattress Shoppers..Like You.

After spending almost 25 years in the mattress industry, including inventing, designing and engineering all kinds of bedding products, researching components including every conceivable kind of foam, coils, high end textiles and then practically inventing the marketing, merchandising, and advertising used in many online mattress retailer business models in use today, Marc Anderson, mattress industry veteran, pioneer, and former CEO knows the mattress industry like no one else. He also know the scams, trickery, and cups and balls tricks retailers, especially in the highly competitive online mattress marketplace, and decided to put his expertise to use.  

Our Trusted Dealer program varies from year to year, and in 2018 the program is comprised of really rarified air, just over 40 mattresses being recommended that passed our stringent requirements to be considered. Our selections are the final cut from an initial list of literally hundreds of internet mattress stores. Marc has taken the confusion, witchcraft, and nonsense out of the mattress buying equation using our proprietary grading algorithm and then offers just a handful of really great beds to our readers. Beds that are well designed, won't pack down or fail in two years, beds that are comfortable and supportive. The companies on this list are not owned by venture capital firms or giant corporations, but rather by small to medium size companies that have all of the credentials Marc would expect if he were buying a mattress for his own children.

While we include a carefully considered list of Amazon retailers on our Trusted Dealers page, as well, we do not apply the MBG scoring system to these mattress options, however, Marc himself reviews and studies each Amazon suggestion.

Take a look at who he think cuts the mustard to be given an MBG rating... To be included in this list, dealers must demonstrate excellence and customer satisfaction on a consistent basis. We also look for companies that are BBB rated, have affiliation with third party review sites, not posting their own cherry picked or fake reviews,  companies that utilize components and materials that we are familiar with and would recommend for use with our own children or families.  To be included on this list, we tend to use the following five general parameters to meet our standards of acceptance:


1. Quality and caliber of materials utilized. Includes interior foam layers, coils, textiles, and making sure you understand what exactly is inside of the bed you are buying, using thorough descriptions and illustrations of products on web site, including interior diagrams showing the interior of the mattress. 

2. Number of models in the dealer program. Generally, 1-4 models provides enough variation and options for the typical consumer to choose from. Retailers offering large numbers of models tend to have production issues, and also tend to not have one or two popular or reliable options. 

3. Turn around time for production and delivery to consumer. We look for 7-14 days from the day you place your order for a bed until the day you receive it.

4. Collaboration with review sites that pay the retailers cash for fake reviews.  We look for use of  genuine third party review sites, with accessible links to programs that take you away from the retailers site or offer validation that the reviews shown on the retail site are not hand picked reviews, or fake reviews.

5. Warranty, trial periods, liberal return policies. We examine these aspects to determine longevity and durability of product, and the willingness of the retailer to provide 100% satisfaction.

6. The age of the business, and of the web site domain. Generally a pretty good indicator of experience, we want to make sure you are buying from a seasoned veteran, not from two guys with a laptop and bowling ball used to demonstrate the "comfort level" of their mattress. Essentially, we've ruled out the nonsense...so you don't have to.

To be included on this list, we utilize a proprietary algorithm which selects sixteen parameters to meet our standards of acceptance and to provide our MBG score of 1-5.  MBG stands for Mattress Buyer Guide, our "grading system" designed to give you a level of confidence when choosing a trustworthy online dealer. If you don't see a dealer you are interested in, it may be that we have simply not added them to our list at this time. A score of less than three is below our threshold of excellence and disqualifies the manufacturer/dealer. A rating of 4 is considered excellent, and a rating of 5 indicates a superior rating.

On occasion, we award a 6 if a mattress is considered "beyond exceptional", though this varies from year to year.