Hyphen Mattress Review By Industry CEO And Bedding Engineer

Marc Anderson has been in the bedding biz for over 25 years. He has designed over 150 mattresses, sold on his own e-commerce sites, in retail stores, and as products for other companies. He is considered the web’s authority on compressed and rolled mattresses, and even helped perfect the process which used by virtually every online mattress retailer operating today.

“Hyphen is dramatically different from other online foam mattress e-tailers”, Marc explains. Casper, Tuft&Needle, Loom&Leaf, and other big players in the e-commerce mattress business use third party fabricators to build their products. Hyphen owns their own factory, and controls everything on site, from components management to lamination and roll-packing, to shipping.

The Hyphen Mattress incorporates sophisticated elements in its construction but it priced considerably lower than competing manufacturers and etailers.

The Hyphen Mattress incorporates sophisticated elements in its construction but it priced considerably lower than competing manufacturers and etailers.

It should be noted that because Hyphen does not farm out their fabrication operations, you’re going to pay about the same as you would with the BigMattressInc. companies ( a term created by Anderson) who pay crushing fees to have somebody else do the most important job, the company can afford to use much higher quality materials, a better outer fabric covering, and staff their production lines with eyes on the

system to control every process. End result, a more durable, longer lasting, and better mattress.“Upper management at the larger “bed inside a box” companies likely visit one of their fabricator facilities maybe once or twice a year. I know, I did the same thing”, Anderson adds. He explains that because the quality control element was built from the ground up with Hyphen, glitches and shut downs, which often involve quality control issues in third party fabricator houses, get overlooked, or at least glazed over.

Hyphen started with a clean slate. They tested over 1,000 variations with all kinds of foam products, making no assumptions about a formula or cake recipe. “I did the same thing with a few of my models, but I typically followed a basic formula used in the industry to play it safe. A 6” layer of supportive polyurethane on the bottom, a layer of glue, a middle layer of slightly softer foam, another layer of glue, and then a softer piece of some slightly more exotic foam for the top, or finish layer”, he laments a bit.

Essentially, just about all of the mattress that are roll-packable and compressible have to be pretty similar in design to be shipped in a small enough box, so generally they feel very similar. “Slick marketing, a fancy outer cover, a catchy name, venture capital, and adding some dye to your foam layers” to create a pink or blue or purple element helps to distinguish you”, but because there are over 200 online retailers pushing their own brands now, “everything has begun to wash together”, Marc states.

The Hyphen Code Breaking Formula

Hyphen started with a different foundation piece for their mattress, and they refer to it as an “orthopedic support layer”, designed to be more responsive that typical polyurethane slabs on the bottom of a foam bed.

Above that layer is a layer of “ buoyant transitional foam”, which provides pressure relief, has low motion transfer, a healthy bounce, and variable support. The term “variable support” refers to their claim that this transitional layer of material pushes back depending upon the weight that is placed on it.

Simplistically designed and well thought out, the Hyphen mattress is buoyant is a great fit for active individuals, hot sleepers, and people with allergies.

Simplistically designed and well thought out, the Hyphen mattress is buoyant is a great fit for active individuals, hot sleepers, and people with allergies.

This second layer, which is a variation of memory foam, or visco-elastic foam, has also been infused with elemental copper to give it extreme anti-microbial qualities, as well, which is a key asset to the Hyphen customer base, which include high performance and elite athletes. 

The final top layer, or finishing layer as it is correctly described in the mattress engineering world, is said to offer this comparably vast list of attributes, which we find pretty impressive:

  • Provides active ventilation

  • Is hyper “thermally conductive” so that it removes heat away from you

  • Offers effective pressure relief

  • Has low motion transfer

  • Features “adaptive temperature regulation”, not hot, not cold

  • Has anti-microbial elements

  • Offers variable support, varying the pushback against weight of user

Finally, on top, the Hyphen mattress outer encasement fabric features an advanced, breathable material that is anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic. The fabric itself a polyester/spandex blend, which makes it feel fairly stretchy.

High performance and stretchy outer fabric on the Hyphen Mattress never clings or bunches, and keeps your sleep surface smooth.

High performance and stretchy outer fabric on the Hyphen Mattress never clings or bunches, and keeps your sleep surface smooth.

Reviewers have commented that is snaps back when you put tension on it which will keep it from bunching. The covering is soft, and excessively thin, providing  more than adequate ventilation.

“The features described on their web site about the components suggest that a lot of our diligence and technical research went into the development of their product”, says Anderson. He went on to add that he can identify the materials based on their description but respects the proprietary nature of the ingredients. “They have a unique cake recipe, and it’s different, but only reviews tell the tale”, he commented. Anderson went on to add that finding out the recipe for virtually every mattress sold online “is pretty straightforward” since he knows the management and operations teams in virtually every third party fabricator from Boston, to Tampa, L.A., and points in between. 

“Hyphen is a different animal, a well thought out design, like a well crafted automobile”. Anderson has designed high end bedding for celebrities, as well, and has used exotic components ranging from carbon and copper infused foam, column buckling foam (similar to what is used in the highly respected Purple mattress), and even horsehair and alpaca fur.


impeccable reviews that speak to excellence in design and comfort

The reviews tell the tale about the Hyphen product, as well. “They speak to just what I was talking about. High quality components that are real, can be felt, and clearly make the distinction that the Hyphen product is a cut above”, says Anderson.

One reviewer pitted their newly purchased Hyphen against their Tempur-Pedic, “the true acid test of a super high quality bed”, Marc observed. To move a Tempur-Pedic mattress to the guest room suggests that their new mattress is really stellar.

5.0 out of 5 stars

I'd But It Again

December 28, 2016

“I've had my Hyphen for about 6 months now and I'm very happy to report that I'm still loving it! I initially purchased it for the guest room because I had a $3500 Tempur-Pedic in my bedroom. However, I've loved it from the moment I laid down and figured it had to have a flaw so I wanted to find it. How could it compete w/ my Tempur-Pedic, right? Well, there is no flaw, and my Tempur-Pedic now sits in the guest room.”

Another five star review spelled out all of the details, and made a clear case for their superior rating:

February 28, 2018

“After spending well over $3000 for my last king sized mattress that I hated after 2 years, I decided to try a bed in a box. Since this started as a cost savings experiment, I really wasn't expecting much, but I did my research. A LOT of research. Finally decided on the Hyphen based on a dozen different point of interest/concern for me. I ordered it on Cyber Monday 2017 and had it before the 1st of December. It was so quick in fact that the shipping notification came AFTER I had already received it.

I live alone and was worried about hauling it up the stairs by myself, but because it came in the box, I was able to maneuver it up the steps fairly easily. The bed unboxed and unfolded within minutes and didn't have any weird chemical smell I hear other box beds have. I was a little worried at first that it would be too firm, but after one single night sleeping on it, I am convinced it is the best mattress I have ever slept on. There is literally ZERO transfer motion, it doesn't sleep hot like a lot of memory foam beds, it is firm without feeling hard and it has a hypo-allergenic cover on it.

The only minor drawback is that there are no handles of any kind on the outside cover of the bed, so once it is unboxed, it was a little difficult to move around. Such a small price to pay for a really great bed! Oh! and buying it through Amazon saved me $75 over the direct Hyphen website - so I bought my sister one!”

Marc Anderson added that Hyphen talks about their “clear conscience” approach to selling a well made mattress. “I have to say that their price of $950 for a queen is fairly average for a well made foam mattress”, but that the quality of the components is vastly superior to the comparable BigMattressInc. models.”

“I’d tell you to order one today, but you’ve probably already determined that for yourself”.