Mattress Reviews 2019: The Molecule Mattress- Our #1 Choice As The Best Hybrid Foam Bed You Can Buy...Recommended By Our Team Of Mattress Industry CEO's With 20 Years Of Bedding Engineering Experience

For more than two decades, our team of mattress engineers and bedding CEO’s that contribute to this web site have invented, designed and manufactured many of the forerunners to today’s most popular mattresses. If you’re shopping for a foam mattress, which is most likely going to be a hybrid foam bed, that is, a bed made with several different kinds of highly specialized layers used to create a very precise, comfortable, and highly supportive feel, it’s confusing and frustrating. Dozens of choices, most of which follow us around with quirky and cute ads, all claiming to be the “most popular” or “biggest selling bed” you can buy.

Generally, the prices for these mattresses are low enough to get us to throw the dice and buy one, but in most cases, the components used in these mattresses are not well thought out. There isn’t an effort on the part of most of these manufacturers to build a mattress that harvests solid sleep science and builds it into the ingredients of a state of the art bed. We are a sleep deprived society. Less than one third of American adults get the recommended seven hours of sleep per night. Active people, in particular, are negatively affected by poor sleep, resulting in slow reaction time, reduced attention and strength, increased chance of injury, and lengthened recovery time. Poor sleep hygiene and poorly designed sleep surfaces also contribute to lower energy, higher stress levels, and a feeling of ill health. If you’re buying a mattress because it’s purple, or because it’s stacked with props like rescued greyhounds and frolicking couples, you’re buying a bed for all the wrong reasons.

The Molecule Mattress is different. Using highly specialized foam layers and components, it is surprisingly simplistically designed and reasonably priced, with a queen sized bed selling for $1499, including free shipping, a 100 night no questions asked sleep trial, and completely hassle free returns if you don’t love it. The bed is engineered with sleep science being the driving influence on the concept, from the ground up. It’s a technical bed, a bed built to properly sustain your sleep health, whether you are are a performance athlete, or an active person trying to feed your body wholesome ingredients, including a healthy mattress.


The Molecule team is built around a core of sleep science experts, guys like Daniel Barone, MD, a neurologist and sleep scientist at Cornell University, who practically wrote the book on sleep science. Elite athletes like Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Olympians Ryan and Sara Hall, all promote the bed and are active owners. Dr. Michael Breus, a sleep scientist who appears on the Dr. Oz show, says this about the Molecule Mattress:

As one of the country’s foremost experts on great sleep, I’ve seen a lot of sleep products come and go. Molecule is the real thing -  the mattresses and sheets are Air-Engineered for maximum air flow, and their cooling properties are backed by years of scientific research and development.  I wholeheartedly recommend Molecule for anyone looking to optimize their sleep experience.”

But what is it exactly about the ingredients in the Molecule mattress that makes it extraordinary, so incredible that it would gather a fanbase of superhuman athletes to promote it? That’s where we come in.

The elegance of the Molecule design lies in its simplistic, three layer design. The chemistry of the mattress captures you the minute you lie down, helping you to disengage from your surroundings, slow your heart rate, decreasing your core body temperature, and getting you to quickly float in and out of consciousness…faster. The mattress then helps you enter into slow wave sleep, where brain waves slow down to an easy stroll, becoming lilting delta waves…sounds mesmerizing right? That’s what the mattress does to your brain and your body, using just the right components.

It all starts on the outside of the bed. The outer covering is made using a highly advanced, eco-friendly fabric. It wicks away heat and moisture to keep skin comfortably cool. As your body temperature changes throughout the night, Molecule’s advanced cover material responds dynamically, adjusting evaporation and cooling. Microban® antimicrobial treatment keeps your mattress fresh and clean.


The highly specialized foam layer on top, called the “MolecularFlo” layer (I know, but it is really pretty cool stuff) is where the science kicks in.The most restorative rest happens when your body temperature is cooler. Only Molecule offers this revolutionary airy, extreme open-cell structure for consistent cooling even when compressed by your body weight. Cozy support with more than seven-times the airflow of traditional memory foam, in other words not as “quick sand” feeling as traditional memory foam. No digging your way in and out, very easy to turn on, thus making sleep induction almost like an anesthetic…it just kind of sneaks upon you gently.

The secret ingredient of the Molecule Mattress? It’s definitely the support layer underneath the top MolecularFlo layer. The company refers to it as the “RecoveryFlo” layer. Active people need more support and airflow than traditional egg-crate foam mattresses can deliver, so this material is quite different and unique in feel and pliability. This unique ingredient is ergonomically-engineered with hard sleep science data and features a meticulously-engineered matrix of hexagon-and diamond-shaped channels that respond to your unique anatomy and promote airflow even at the deepest depression points. You awake refreshed with relief from sore muscles and joints.

The extraordinary simplistic design of the Molecule Mattress. Designed with just three layers of unique hybrid foam ingredients, the incredible sleep induction and restorative sleep qualities make it our #1 choice for a foam mattress in today’s vast selection of mattress choices.

The extraordinary simplistic design of the Molecule Mattress. Designed with just three layers of unique hybrid foam ingredients, the incredible sleep induction and restorative sleep qualities make it our #1 choice for a foam mattress in today’s vast selection of mattress choices.

The bottom layer, which we often refer to as the “foundation” or “base layer” of any hybrid or foam mattress is also unique. Called “ContourFlo”, it is a specialized high density foam sourced from on of our favorite American foam sources, built to last for decades without concavities and indentations. The foundation of the Molecule mattress. An ample 7” of firm support fosters healthy spine alignment, whether you are a back sleeper or side sleeper. Breathable materials promote even more airflow and heat transfer.

If you’ve never heard of the Molecule Mattress, it’s worth checking out. We researched 10-12 independent review sites that consistently rated the Molecule 4.8 out of 5 stars for both comfort and support. We found very few reviews especially written by performance athletes and active people who didn’t rate it as the best mattress they’ve ever owned. You don’t have to be Tom Brady to get one. If you value your sleep and consider it as important to your daily regimen as food and exercise, it might be the best option for you to consider!