The Best Beds For Sex And Where To Buy One: An Industry Experts Top Picks For 2019

It’s something you don’t want to ask a salesperson in a retail store, and you may not even want to chat about it on an e-commerce site, but everyone wants to know all of the details. After spending 25 years designing and building mattresses, I quickly learned that a large part of the appeal of buying a new bed has to do with intimacy. And I don’t mean just younger couples, oh no, I’m talking about everybody from 20 to 80. 

Whether you are sexually vigorous and start your evening off with a round of action, schedule nooners on a regular basis, or you are a once a week couple, even a once in a while couple, choosing a bed that delivers on performance, grip factor, bounciness (or as I call it, “personality”), and extreme durability when undergoing pounding, repetitive forces, is a calculated decision.

And, the field of options gets narrowed down pretty fast for this category, meaning that there are really only a couple of bed types that are ideal for fadoodling and ba-donka-donking.

Another key factor that many customers I spoke with through the years had is how discreet, or quiet, a mattress needs to be during sex. Many mattresses can actually make noise, especially those with coils, but more importantly the substrate that the mattress is sitting on top of is worth serious consideration as well. If you have kids, live in close quarters with roommates, or you’re in the apartment above and don’t want the plaster on the ceiling below you to fall on top of your neighbor, even choosing the right base, or foundation, is mission critical to keep the equipment in silent running mode.

Invest in a latex mattress

If your sex life is a traveling minstrel show of delight, filled with aerobatics, safari noises and Twister maneuvers, you need a mattress that can handle all the action. The one mattress type that was literally handed down from the Gods to deliver pleasure on an unheard of level, is the latex mattress. 

Latex is an extraordinary material, and if it's natural latex, it’s purely botanical, being nothing but unadulterated rubber. It’s spongy, lively, embracing, you can dig into it and anchor your partner with no worry of that pesky shifting and sliding, and it’s absolutely silent. 

In fact, a latex mattress on top of a platform bed that is situated above an area rug so that the legs or frame are muffled a bit, offers a cone of silence all around you, and as long as you aren’t a howler, no one would be the wiser. Even if they were sitting on the opposite side of the room. 

Natural latex is also the easiest mattress material to move around on, is extremely durability and won’t compress, mash down, or develop gulleys like most petroleum based polyurethane foam beds are known to do. “You don’t get that ditch in the middle of the bed over time.” says Chris Winters, a respected sleep expert.

He adds,  “Size is a consideration so get a queen or king”. Another feature of latex that couples love is edge support. The edges are softer and body conforming, so if you like to grind off of the edge of the bed, it’s “absolutely perfect”, according to our editor and CEO Marc Anderson, legendary bedding designer.

Memory Foam- Another Great Option For Hot Sex

While natural latex is grippy and bouncy, memory foam is more body conforming and has a unique “melt up around you” sensation, making it a tight second for the perfect bed for sex. For missionary position, prone, even doggy style action, memory foam is a great option, offering good, solid anchoring, very much like latex. 

That melting sensation is really sensual, as well, and couples often stick with memory foam after trying it once or twice. Even a memory foam topper added to the top of any conventional mattress brings new horizons to the forefront of your sex life. 

Perhaps the best thing about memory foam that couples report is the person on the bottom isn’t going anywhere, so there is little or no sliding and slipping, causing those frustrating pauses that can shut the whole game down in seconds.

Added Features That Add Magic To Your Action - A Foam Pillow, White High Thread Count Sheets

First of all, skip the satin sheets. For sex, they are terrible, they make you feel like you’re sliding on an oil slick, they’re hot, and stick to your skin. Pure cotton, especially something in the 400-600 thread count range, adds a level of sexiness to your whole environment. They feel natural, they slide gracefully across skin without feeling slick or slippery, and they breathe. They are also durable and crisp in feel. By the way, stick with white. White sheets are fresh in appearance, naturally inviting and sensual, and are a natural aphrodisiac for any bedroom environment.
 Just as important as sheets, pillows are often used during sex for a variety of reasons, whether used a wedge, to lift up your partners hips, to hang onto for dear life, or as a helmet when your head is against the wall. Use foam pillows for amazing results, preferably a low profile or contour pillow. 

Down pillows are great for sleeping, but foam pillows are practically designed  for sex—especially the ones that are shaped like a wedge. “These are made for people with respiratory problems, generally” says Dr. Winter. They’re also wonderful for stuffing under your partners butt to give you a better angle for penetration. 

So, what are the best mattresses for sex, and where can you find them? We’ve created a selection of latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses that have been carefully vetted by our editor and CEO, with over 25 years of design and fabrication experience, and narrowed down a list that began with over 100 mattress options, to just a handful of dealers we would buy from ourselves. Any of these options will increase your level of satisfaction, guaranteed. Hey, and be careful out there!

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