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We're the web's most established mattress review site, having been online far longer than any other web site offering "reviews" of bedding and related products. Because we have been mattress designers, manufacturers, and customer service reps ourselves, we know how to sort through the tangled web of mattress e-tailers and storefronts, to weed out the bad, and offer up to you an exclusive list of curated retailers we'd buy beds from..ourselves. Scroll down to see links to our favorite retailers, by category, and we'll even provide a quick abstract about each of these outstanding retailers. Note that we hand select each store, and review each business thoroughly before jurying them into our final selection process, and then elevation to the MBG Club. To be fully transparent, we do want to say that because our selection of retailers have affiliate programs in place, we may receive a small compensation for any mattress sales made. These payments are used to maintain the cost of this web site. Our most popular category, Hybrid Mattresses, is shown first. 

The most exclusive list on any mattress review site

Take a look at who we recommend. To be included in this list, dealers must demonstrate excellence and customer satisfaction on a consistent basis. In fact, companies beg us to be positioned on this page. And honestly, we're not really in this for the money. We're retired mattress executives who've already made our mark, and in we're the business of helping people. We look for companies that are BBB rated, have affiliation with genuine, third party review sites, not posting their own cherry picked reviews, and businesses that utilize components and materials that we are familiar with and would recommend for use with our own children or families.  To be included on this list, we tend to use the following five general parameters to meet our standards of acceptance:

1. Quality and caliber of materials utilized. Includes interior foam layers, coil apparatus if applicable, outer encasement material, thorough descriptions and illustrations of products on web site, including interior diagrams showing the interior of the mattress.

2. Number of models in the dealer program. Generally, 1-4 models provides enough variation and options for the typical consumer to choose from. Retailers offering large numbers of models tend to have production issues, and also tend to not have one or two popular or reliable options. 

3. Turn around time for production and delivery to consumer. We look for 7-14 days from the day you place your order for a bed until the day you receive it.

4. Use of third party review sites, with accessible links to programs that take you away from the retailers site or offer validation that the reviews shown on the retail site are not hand picked reviews, or "fake" reviews.

5. Warranty, trial periods, liberal return policies. We examine these aspects to determine longevity and durability of product, and the willingness of the retailer to provide 100% satisfaction.

Our Portfolio Of  Vetted Mattress Offer Great Beds At The Right Price..Don't Get Scammed Buying The Bed Of  Your Dreams

Note, this page is long, since it contains all of the categories we provide for our portfolio of MBG Hand Selected Dealers. Scroll down through each category. They are listed in order as follows- Hybrid Mattresses, Memory Foam Mattresses, Air Beds, Coil Mattresses, Beds For Obese Persons.

hybrid mattresses



With decades of research and development, Z Bed has designed the ideal mattress for the best nights sleep. With the perfect amount of support and just the right amount of bounce, it is no wonder why Z Bed has thousands of happy customers. "It's What's Inside That Counts!" is what they say. Each Z Bed Mattress is made with the finest materials available. We start off with a firm 7 inch breathable foam base to ensure a sturdy structure. Then a 1-1/2 inch layer of conforming memory foam. The final 1-1/2 inches are made of natural latex. The bed is then wrapped in a premium Tencel cover. Tencel sleeps cool, has natural components, and we like it. Simple one mattress lineup, and a no B.S. site. No fake reviews, either. -MR



The Leesa Mattress is a perennial favorite of Mattress Reports. Hugely successful and owned by over 260,000 satisfied users, their bed is simple in design, and radical in concept. Using a proprietary material called "Avena" Foam, which is a latex like hybrid foam, it offers a bounce factor which provides just the right amount of buoyancy and a livelier feel. Excellent for tossers and turners, and those who don't like to be consumed by their mattress. Leesa offers a 100 night trial, free shipping and returns, and best of all, they donate one mattress for every ten they sell. Pretty cool, we think -MR


You've seen it. The raw egg test. Is it bullshit? Actually, no. We've played with and designed a few beds ourselves with the unique grid design gel foam that Purple uses as their fundamental ingredient, and it is extremely supportive and comfortable. What makes it so unique, is that it eliminates motion transfer, and actually provides more lift than sink, so you get great pressure point reduction without that wet sand feel. Highly recommend considering them, if you are looking for the squishy, livelier feel that gel foams offer. we love it.- MR


Our favorite hybrid mattress, the Solay Premium Hybrid is a technological marvel incorporating the industry's best pocketed coil system, a cooling gel foam layer, a motion dampening layer of specialized foam, and an outer covering made using Tencel fabric, which reduces body temperature and optimizes your body for a purr-fect night's sleep. A 101 night no risk trial period, and a solid industry warranty. Best of all, when you buy a Solay mattress, the company will also donate another mattress and foundation to a child in need. 



"The Nolah mattress is an irresistible combination of soft and firm. Because it's made without the heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals used in Memory Foam, Nolah sleeps cooler, provides better pressure relief and is much more durable than even the best Memory Foam and Latex mattresses. If you don't already know, at Nolah we love our sleep and our great American outdoors. When we're not helping you sleep better, we're out exploring our country's wildest places, which is why we donate part of our profits to help protect our planet's wildlife." - You can even choose your animal..



We rarely run across a foam mattress designed to be customized for two users. Perfect for couples who have different needs and different requirements as far as soft vs. firm. It's reasonably priced, but hard to find online, but they offer a really unique hybrid bed with high quality foam materials, an excellent outer covering, all for a reasonable price, too. For $995, you'll get an adjustable mattress that can you can tweak to just the right feel. They offer a 100 night trial, and you even get a storage bag with the bed. With tons of reviews readily accessible on their site, we just love this bed. Click here to check them out.

Shop Nest Bedding® Now!

Nest Bedding is one of our favorite sites. Great products, with a lot of technical materials used in their biggest sellers, including their Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress, which is built using ingredients we love. Combining the most innovative copper infused foam on the planet and the support of high quality individual coils with extra edge support, and some extra comfort layers that are sumptuous and supportive, The Alexander Signature Hybrid is the most comfortable mattress on the internet. Even the fabric used on the outside cover is designed to keep you sleeping cool and comfy. Reasonably priced, and an excellent return policy and trial period. Now Featuring Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric on all Alexander Hybrid Mattresses! You can check out the Alexander Hybrid here.


   The Leesa Mattress is a perennial favorite of Mattress Reports. Hugely successful and owned by over 260,000 satisfied users, their bed is simple in design, and radical in concept. Using a proprietary material called "Avena" Foam, which is a latex like hybrid foam, it offers a bounce factor which provides just the right amount of buoyancy and a livelier feel. Excellent for tossers and turners, and those who don't like to be consumed by their mattress. Leesa offers a 100 night trial, free shipping and returns, and best of all, they donate one mattress for every ten they sell. Pretty cool, we think -MR


After years of research to find the highest-quality and most innovative materials PangeaBed was born. Made with copper-infused Talalay latex, this  bed in a box mattress redefines the science behind a good night’s sleep by a delivering cleaner, cooler, and more comfortable rest. Antibacterial, antimicrobial, dust-mite resistant, and hypoallergenic because you don’t even want to know what’s living inside your current mattress. (It’s millions of bacteria, by the way.) Coppers heat dispersing properties combined with Talalay latex's superior airflow and breathability allow you to sleep cool and comfortable. Made with 3 unique layers that work together to provide your back with exceptional support to keep your spine in its natural alignment. Perfect for all, the copper mattress provides cloud-like comfort for back, stomach, and side sleepers alike. We love the concept of incorporating elemental copper into a bedding surface, and this company seems to be very technically oriented around their product. They also have been featured in major publications, too. Click here to learn more about this amazing bed.


Designed as a mattress with universal appeal to any fussy sleeper, The HappiBed provides a cloud like feel with world class pressure relief & cooling.  The HappiBed is uniquely designed with alternating layers of memory foam and heat transfer foam to insure you get the pressure relief of memory foam but more bounce than a traditional memory foam.  And believe use, we've sampled and tested many "dead" memory foam mattresses that sink and collapse into the middle. This bed is unique. The heat transfer foams pull heat out of the memory foam and allow for better airflow in addition to making sure you do not get a stuck in the mud, quick sand feeling.  Designed for a soft cloud like feel while maintaining good deep support.  Some of their customers often say it's "soft & firm at the same time". Made with CertiPur non-toxic support foam layers, equipped with a zippered cover to wash and maintain a fresh bed for years to come, HappiBed provides a 100 night no questions asked trial, and a great factory warranty. One of our most popular mattresses. Click here to learn more and to buy yours today. 


We used to sell the biggest brand of memory foam mattress out there, Tempur-Pedic, long before other memory foam companies popped up. No one could really out-do them, that is until Nectar appeared on the scene. Using more advanced gel type memory foams, and specialized fabric coverings that sleep cool, the Nectar mattress is a technological orchestration of foam comfort layers that is highly thought out. Gel infused memory foam is so sumptuous, so comfortable and supportive, it's hard to describe. If you're a fussy sidesleeper with pressure point issues, give their bed a try. And, hey, how can you beat a 365 day no questions asked trial period? Great reviews and an excellent, simplistically laid out web site. Click here to check them out. Best single asset of this bed? A lifetime warranty, or as they call it- a forever guarantee.


Loom & Leaf got its start in 2015 as the memory foam hybrid option of the popular online mattress company, Saatva. In the years since, the brand’s made a name for itself as a great source for high-quality memory foam hybrid mattresses that aren’t just luxurious to the touch, but also easy on the wallet and environment. Saatva tends to use higher quality foam material (4lb density memory foam rather than 3lb, which lasts much longer) and they offer a great trial period. Likely to be in business much longer than many others, because of the company size.


Keetsa is one of our favorite mattress makers on the web. They offer a boutique line of mattresses using natural materials infused with high quality memory foam, advanced support and comfort layers, and outfit each bed with an unbleached 100% cotton fabric certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX® which is about as green as you can get. Another thing we love about Keetsa is their use of plant oils to supplement the synthetic ingredients in their foam layers, and they seem to have a strong interest in ultimately creating a mattress made using plant based ingredients only.

Even though memory foam is renowned for its durability and comfort, most all of it is made using synthetic ingredients. Keetsa has innovated something called Bio-foam™, a new type of memory foam that replaces a portion, 12%, of the petroleum oil with castor bean oil, a plant oil. This accounts for less dependency on the oil industry.
Why just 12%? Replacing more than 12% of the petroleum with plant oil will risk compromising the quality and durability of the foam. We are continuing the development process to increase the portion of plant oil, so we can depend less and less on petroleum in producing our foam. Technology is moving forward fast with botanically infused foams, and Keetsa seems to be driving that force. Best single asset- when you buy a Keetsa bed, they donate a portion of the profits to Operation Smile, a network of surgeons around the world that provide cleft palate reconstructive surgery to children. We love this company. Click here to learn more and to buy a Keetsa mattress.


We've known about this cutting edge company for a while now. Their use of miniature, or microcoil technology offers buoyant springiness in combination with their unique use of high quality support foam layers. A five-zoned foam encased pocketed micro coil compression system provides unmatched support from head to toe. DreamCloud’s innerspring coils have been designed to help you sleep cool and comfortable throughout the night. Due to the perfectly spaced coils, air is able to flow through the mattress freely, allowing heat to escape. Combined with DreamCloudֿֿֿ's other cooling technology, this is just one of their secrets to ensuring you never sleep hot on their beds. Our micro coils are designed to provide a luxury mattress experience.

Each micro coil is far more flexible than your average mattress spring. This allows the springs to work with the memory foam in unison to contour to your body and support pressure points for the ultimate pressure relief. The coils also absorb motion transfer, so you won't feel your partner rolling around at night. Instead, you'll get soft support with a touch of bounce for the dreamiest, most luxurious sleep ever. DreamCloud BestRest coils are the most durable in the industry - they will not break down and will maintain their comfort level for a luxurious sleep experience backed by our Everlong Warranty. Click here to learn more and to buy this innovative and fast-forward thinking hybrid mattress.


One of our personal favorites, because they provide very dense technical information about foam density and the science of mattress building. Known for building customized hybrid mattresses, this company is unique because of the variety of options you can choose. You simply provide information about your sleep habits, and they take it from there, creating the perfect bed for you. And, then can do two sided mattresses, which is way cool, considering more than 50% of couples have different needs when it comes to bedding. They offer a 100 night trial, a decent warranty, and even offer matching foundations and their own pillow. Worth taking a hard look.


Offering ongoing specials and discounts, this Chicago based company has some features we really like. Compared to other foam mattress makers, they seem to like setting themselves apart from the competition. Their mattresses are taller, use higher grade foam layers, build in a firm edge support system (so you don't slide off of your bed), offer customized materials for each side, build a pocketed coil hybrid, and offer a 100 night trial period, and both of their beds, in queen, sell for less than $800!  Their reversible mattress gets great reviews and gives you two beds for the price of one. Definitely worth a look.



Nectar gives you the support of a firm mattress while pampering you with the comfort of a pillow top. Premium materials ensure it perfectly contours your body. A medium firm mattress, the Nectar bed is technologically advanced, incorporating two different layers of cooling gel foam, a breathable base layer, and all of the components are Certi-Pur certified..meaning no heavy metals, no VOC's, no PBDE's, and other nasty stuff. We love their mattress and their program. Easy to use web site. -MR

            “I no longer have any bed pains!”Jessica M.—Federal Way, WA


The Puffy Mattress has been designed and developed by the Puffy Company, created with the simple idea of providing a mattress to the people that is universally comfortable and gives a feeling like you are sleeping on a "bed of clouds". After 4 years of research, foam formulations, development, sleep trials, and countless hours of perfecting the foam layers, the Puffy mattress was crafted and developed to ensure a sleep surface that will be perfect for a deep, restorative sleep. The company believes that they have crafted the perfect sleep system that will provide a comfortable sleep to sleepers of all ages, sizes, and sleeping habitsPuffy has accomplished its goal by managing to create a mattress that feels like a cloud when you lay on it. We like it, and if Ellen likes it, my guess is it's got to be good. And, she's from our hometown, as well. -MR



The Solay Coil Technology - Our Quantum® Edge coils were designed to provide you with the most amount of edge support. The durable yet flexible coils conform to your body for ultimate comfort and reduced motion transfer with less partner disruption. Based on sleep test results, our coils performed 28% cooler than the average sleep you'd have on an all foam mattress. One of the few Hybrid mattresses we like that integrates coils into their model, adding a springy, lively feel to the mattress. We love this product. -MR


"Muse's concentration on cooling and its pressure relieving capabilities make it a stand-out in the market." A one model lineup, but you can choose your level of firmness, always a nice option to be offered, especially on an e-commerce site. -MR


The My Morphiis Mattress from Perfect Pressure, LLC, is an innovative system that allows you to fully customize the feel of the mattress by inserting specialized foam layers of differing firmnesses into the bed..making it perfect for fussy sleepers, folks with back problems, neck issues, and generally fussy sleepers. An excellent choice for a hybrid bed. We love the concept. -MR






EcoTerra builds a unique mattress by combining pure latex with an individually pocketed coil system. This combination is pretty rare, but makes for an amazing mattress. One of the MR team members here was a pioneer in designing one of the first latex/coil hybrid mattresses and swears it's the most comfortable and durable combination you can invest in. Totally worth checking out. The site is friendly and easy to navigate, too. -MR




Latex For Less offers latex mattresses using premium latex obtained directly from their plantation partners, not factory seconds often used by other latex mattress makers. They use an organic outer cover, and they build their beds so they are reversible, offering a firmer side, and a softer side. With a 120 night trial and their lower prices (they make side by side comparisons with other etailers on pricing), you can't get a better deal for a basic, top quality latex bed without all of the bells and whistles that don't really add much to your sleep experience, anyway. -MR



Plushbeds is one of our favorites. In fact, one of our team members was a Plushbeds competitor for years, selling pure latex mattresses right alongside. He says that Plushbeds is one of the most honest, straight shooting dealers you could buy a latex bed from. With multiple designs aimed at precisely fitting your needs, they make a good option to consider. They also tend to throw in a lot of freebies, like sheets, pillows, even a mattress protector. Check them out. -MR




An amazing latex mattress made with no synthetic ingredients - just pure latex, nothing unnatural. We bought one, but it up and were really impressed about the meticulous craftsmanship with this bed. It's reversible too, with a plush, cushy option, and then a firmer, though not too firm, flip side. Outstanding outer cover. Priced a bit more, but you're getting the good stuff. Personal Favorite -MR

luma hybrid mattress

Get "bone deep" comfort and support in Luma's line of latex mattresses developed by the "Sleep Doctor", Michael Breus. They offer a unique mattress system just the way we would have designed it. A supportive undercarriage topped with a wonderful layer of Talalay latex. A unique line of latex mattresses. -MR




Without question, the industry's gold standard for memory foam mattresses. Actually, the company refers to their pressure relieving foam as "Tempur® Foam", because it is unique in that it's behavioral characteristics, response time, and durability is so vastly different than other manufacturers. Used to be that Tempur-Pedic® was considered very expensive and out of reach for many consumers. In the last few years though, the company has rallied to offer affordable beds using their exceptional visco-elastic foam. Read about our senior editors' Love Affair With His Tempur-Pedic® mattress. A great story.


Nature's Sleep offers a variety of products, giving a much broader selection than most online stores. Next to TempurPedic, the big name brand, Nature's Sleep fills the bill with a variety of memory foam beds for every kind of sleeper. Inventor of The Ghost Bed, a memory foam mattress that challenged Casper and a few other brands. Worth a look, and you can get up to 50% off when they run a sale! -MR



Coolest Memory Foam Mattress

Layla offers a unique memory foam mattress that offers the therapeutic and cooling properties of elemental copper, a new trend in the industry that is rapidly gaining popularity. Copper powder is infused into the memory foam mix, and the result is a hybrid memory foam that offers some really unique benefits. Great site, easy to understand their product. Worth a look. -MR 


Muse Sleep offers threee memory foam mattress options, in soft, medium, or firm. We love the layout of their site, because they don't confuse you with too much foam terminology, densities, and technical nonsense. You can choose the memory foam mattress that best suits you, and get a great 120 night trial period, a solid 10 year warranty, and specialized fabric on the outside covering that promotes cooling, making it one of the rare memory foam mattresses specifically designed to cool you down. Need pressure point relief at hips or shoulders? Get a Muse mattress.



We mention Nectar in our Hybrid mattress suggestions up top, but because it is a very carefully designed memory foam mattress as well, it really does qualify as a true memory foam mattress. With multiple layers of gel infused memory foam to create an orchestrated effect that maximizes pressure point relief, the entire mattress is built on a fundamental focus to breathe and sleep cool. the unique feel of gel memory foam is something our team is familiar with. We designed several gel foam mattresses, and found them to be wonderfully enveloping, nest like, but without that quicksand kind of feel. We like Nectar as our top choice for memory foam mattresses. Great 365 night trial, and very reasonably priced! -MR